Atwell Lockdown Day 1 – Ver 2.0

It’s official. President Cyril Ramaphosa announced before 9pm this evening that South Africans will have to endure another 14 days of national lock down past the original ‘end date’ of 16 April 2020.

That means South Africans will need to remain couped up in their homes till the end of April 2020. Yes, another 21 days from today. So, effectively, this is day 1 of the 21 day lock down – season 2.

The news was greeted in our household with dismay – especially Sarah. The face said it all. Debs and I immediately started planning on how we are going to survive the next 21 days.

First and foremost, reset the schedule for the kids. The schedule we worked out that was never really stuck to….well sort of….you know what I mean.

So we tried to make it more fun for the kids – labeling certain times as ‘free time’ with conditions attached. They seemed to have bought into that – whether they stick to it is another thing.

Then there is the thought of certain provisions that one bought before the lock down because you are not allowed to purchase them during lock down – uhm, ok. That’s going to be interesting as we are now having to cut our rations in half to try and make them last.

I think the biggest thing to hit home is the fact of many people who are dependent on freelance work. Those poor buggers are absolutely stuffed for April. No income – no end in site. I really feel for them.

I was absolutely astounded to see the kids faces when we said that they would not be going back to school till May – they were actually sad…go figure!

But I think it is more about them not being able to see their friends and having play dates etc. It is the lack of social interaction that is messing them around the most.

But for now it is about containing this pandemic and I think our leaders have been doing a good job so far. They have reacted at the right times and put in place the right measures, however, I think a slackening of certain things needs to be taken into account – for the sanity of many of the populous.

But that’s it for now. We’ve moved the mattresses into the lounge as the four of us are having a sleep over in the lounge. And Debbie has decided to torture the girls with the Spice Girls movie – found on YouTube – and I have had my ration of wine already!

Someone save me!

Author: Brendon

2 thoughts on “Atwell Lockdown Day 1 – Ver 2.0

  1. Well said my boy.
    Well i am now in precarious state.
    With no Income other than Grant (Better than nothing)
    Cannot pay Accounts now so will have to contact those entities.
    Really need this at 74./

    love to u all.
    Chin up

  2. You hit the nail on the head Boet, contractors, freelancers etc. no income for them, but on the other hand if you have a choice would you rather stay home and be safe or risk the possibility of getting ill.

    Regards to all that side and stay safe

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