Atwell Lockdown Day 1

It was a Friday – I should be leaving home at 05h30 to head off to the office for our 8am sales meeting – but it is 7am and I am surfacing – what the hell is going on?

COVID-19 you numnut! We have been locked down through a government decree – anyone disobeying this – without due cause – will be arrested. This feels like some sort of Hollywood movie but it is not.

Day 1 of working from home – strange for me – but not so strange for my wife. Sitting in my braai room – I mean office – we start the sales meeting and it is funny to see my colleagues sitting in their own abodes dressed in – well whatever they had. Me? Work shirt, track pants and slippers!

My wife needed to go and take the bin out – collection day – but she didn’t want to walk past while I was on the Teams call because she mimed “they can see me in the mirror”. So what did she do?

She proceeded to practically leopard-crawl past the bar and out into freedom. I could not stop laughing!

We tried to keep the kids to some form of structure during the day, with school work, exercise, creative stuff, reading and allowing some electronic time.

Our neighbour stated she was so bored that she baked some biscuits and shared these among our little close. (Shhh – don’t tell).

Work day done and it was time to start the wine rationing – well maybe an extra glass was needed – but it was a time to reflect on the first day.

Debbie trying the new-style COVID mask

Sarah, who is almost a teenager, spent most of the late afternoon on my wife’s old phone – yes she made the good choice of moving from Huawei to Samsung – while our dog, Izzy, joined Emily and I on the trampoline for some fun.

The funny thing about ending the first day was that with Saturday being day two, there was no sport to look forward to, no braai to be organised – a really sobering effect.

But we got through the day without any murdering occurring – this might come later on though – but knowing that others had put themselves at risk to keep essential services going is a thought that makes us feel extremely grateful.

People joke about what is going on, from sending funny videos to memes, but the reality is, is that this is very serious. News was coming through on the wires that certain areas were completely ignoring the governments lock down rules and partying like it was 1999 (yes I referenced Prince).

It is important to remember that we will get through this – it will be a strain on the South African mind because we are a people who enjoy the outdoors, going places and being with people. Just hou-kop people, only 20 days to go!

Unless the leaders of this land decide to extend our house arrest!

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