Atwell Lockdown Day 14

Day 14! Just seven days to go – hopefully! It’s been six days since our last entry into the world of “Dear Diary” land but the last week has been rather, weird!

We had a rather quiet weekend, with our latest video being posted while we enjoyed a little braai on Saturday evening followed by some beautiful rain on Monday to kick the short week off.

The latest edition from the #AtwellLockdown video diary

It’s been one of those weeks where it flies by and you look back and go “What day is it? What happened? Where are we?” And this does not just happen during lockdown but we as the human race go through this almost every month and week!

I am finding it rather difficult to relate as to what happened during the week – that is just how abysmal the flow has been. What can be said is that the madness within the house has not ceased. Fighting with the kids to attempt any normal, educational activity is met with a firewall that most, if not all, hackers would fail dismally to hack.

But, having said that, the last day or so has seen a softening of the heart from our two little “angels” as they have managed to sit down and complete a lesson or two.

I have decided to add a little difference into our YouTube channel and the idea came to me from the crap our kids watch. I see these youngsters doing what they call “Expectation vs Reality” and it gave me an idea. Well, my kids’ propensity to bliksem each other actually gave me the light bulb above the head moment.

So, we are putting together some little sketches between the kids, myself and Debbie in which we depict everyday situations of “Expectation vs Reality” and will be launching these little skits over the weekend.

Speaking of which, Debbie is giving us the perfect start to the Easter weekend by doing homemade pizza! Yeah baby! And that includes a homemade base – yes, made from flour and all – and she is getting into the flow of things by actually filming her progress….going to love adding that into the next video diary!

Well, news just in! President Cyril Ramaphosa is going to address the nation in just under two hours time with an update on this pandemic that has claimed 18 lives in South Africa to date, and over 60 000 world-wide. I hope that num-nut does not increase the lockdown time!

Well, I’m off to refill my glass of wine as that smell from the kitchen is smelling soooo good!

Look out for our little sketches over the weekend as well as our Easter Special on Sunday evening. Apparently the Easter Bunny has received his permit for special services and will be doing the rounds in Uitzicht on Sunday morning.

Stay safe and Stay sane peeps!

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Author: Brendon

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