Atwell Lockdown Day 18

Homemade mask that gave me Pixie ears!

Well now the Easter weekend is almost done, and it has been an indifferent weekend. Not that we’ve ever gone away for the Easter weekend but normally we would have visited Debbie’s mom, my mother would have come on Sunday morning to enjoy the Easter egg hunt and there would have been outings around the peninsula.

But since lockdown was instituted at the end of March, things for everyone has been different – and for many – difficult! What would have been an exciting time with the end to lockdown being just three days away, has now turned into a dreary further two weeks!

But, be that as it may, we decided to do things a little differently. We had a pre-Easter weekend pizza evening with Debbie making the pizza dough from scratch, the sauce from scratch and then creating our own half-and-half versions of the pizzeria’s around town.

Our first attempt at homemade pizza – at home!

The kids loved theirs and ours turned out quite well – even if we do not have our own pizza oven. We just used our electric oven…which turned into a pizza oven…which then turned back into our normal electric over…

The pizza turned out great but then the taste soured in our mouth as President Cyril Ramaphosa broke the bad news of the extension to the national lockdown.

With people stocking up on certain ‘non-essential’ items for the initial lockdown, are now going to find it difficult to ration what they have for an additional two weeks. That includes your truly as his Vape juice is running precariously low. Time to scour the social media platforms for anyone that has some to spare…..

Interestingly, sharing photo’s has created a different stream on social media with what people get up to in their – now – spare time. A mate of mine, Hilton, who is a freelance photographer (and a good one at that), sent me some photos of his attempts at some cookie making and bread making – looked awesome! (see gallery below).

The weekend turned out to be a rather quiet one, with Debs, the kids and myself having a little braai on Saturday while Sunday morning – well all of 10 minuted really – was taken up by Sarah and Emily running around the house finding the few eggs that the Easter Bunny had managed to hide. He must have been given a permit I’m sure!

After the egg hunt, we made some coffee and sat down to catch Clive and Clare’s Sunday morning service via their website ( which always features different people sharing the word of God.

Then today we enjoyed our little lunchtime picnic outside before the kids enticed Debbie and myself into a little handstand competition. (This can be seen in our Easter Weekend diary video).

During our picnic, the four of us discussed what we liked and didn’t like about the lockdown as well as what we were thankful for during this time.

We realised that one of the biggest things was that we are not that rushed. An important thing we forget during ‘normal operations’ is that we are rushed to get things done with work and home that we forget to stop, think and love.

It is something that we easily forget. That we can make our own time and what the important things are in life. We always tend to rush – have to work, get kids to school, washing, cleaning, homework, supper, blah blah but we never take a step back and say “hang on, why are we rushing?”

Family is important and this is a fact we should never forget.

Back to work tomorrow for some people. So chin up folks, just another 17 days to go!

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