Atwell Lockdown Day 2

A pityful fire

I fear for the following 19 days! Oh boy was Saturday – day 2 – a long one.

The day started off with me coming out of my end of day 1 doldrums by finally getting down to write about the first day of the national lock down as well as trying to put some semblance of a video together.

During my self-isolation, the wife was diligently running the vacuum around the house while the kids tried to surface.

Technology time

A quick shower and lunch were in order followed by plonking myself in front of the TV with Emily as she proceeded to show me some of the garbage she watches on You Tube.

Having said that, it was funny watching some animals and babies do some funny sh….oh wait – language Batty! – stuff which brought a giggle out of us.

Stripping technology out of the equation – which is always a battle – we settled down for a few rounds of Uno with Debs edging ahead with two victories to the solitary wins that Emily, Sarah and I picked up.

Nostalgia – Debbie found the “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”. So we sorted the box out, read the rules, again, and sat down for a few rounds. Emily and I teamed up and finished the game off by banking R16k….pity it wasn’t real though.

Debs nipped off down the road to the Spar for some ESSENTIAL rolls so we could have some Boerrie rolls, chicken and salad – not to mention my baked beans!

Fun and games

The fire – if that is what you can call it – was disappointing considering I only had 8 pieces of wood to use. Should have got more, needed to get more – next time I will go to the shop!

Anyway, burned the logs, threw on some Chaka coals and proceeded to enjoy some semblance of South African hospitality with a little self-isolation braai. It was nice – the wine made it so!


I must say, Black Tie Merlot/Cab not too bad….second ration bottle opened….this might not last long. Might need to resort to cleaning fluids and lawn mower fuel!

Tomorrow will present a more hard-working adventure as I gather my resolve to tackle the ironing – yes it must be done! I reckon I can kill about 5 hours of the day – what the hell am I going to watch during this time?

Let sleeping dogs lie

We ended the day off by watching “Blended” – a movie in which Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore team up for a second time (after 50 First Dates) to film at Sun City about two families coming together.

The off to bed. We are looking forward to Sunday morning as we decided to watch a live streaming of our mate’s church service at 09h30. It can be found on
We want to support them so you go and do the same.

Stay safe and sane peeps. Just keep on isolating!

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