Atwell Lockdown Day 3

So we managed to get through the first weekend of the national lock down without killing each other – I think that is a positive one can take from this disaster.

As has been on this lock down period, Sunday was a relatively quiet day, with most energy spent on trying to keep the kids busy and out of trouble.

Mind you, it was a rather productive day as I managed to get through about three tons of ironing – leaving me just about 1.5 tons still to go. The kiddies managed to get some exercise done (although I still doubt this statement from them).

Debs made a nice chocolate cake while I got stuck in and made a lekker – if I do say so myself – chicken curry, with much left over for dinner on Monday.

But despite all this, living in a comfortable home, with food (yes, some) in the cupboards and a few boxes of wine behind the bar, it was a day of reflection.

With everything that is going on, having being confined to one’s home, news was coming out that there were certain “areas” of the country that have failed to heed this call, partying in the streets without a care in the world.

News was also coming out that the first cases of Corona were found in Khayelitsha. And oh boy could this spell bad news. And not because this is a township but because social distancing in this environment is extremely difficult.

With this though being discussed while Debbie and I sat on our front steps of our comfortable suburban home, glass of wine in hand and the dog chasing her ball, one would find it very difficult to conceive trying to prevent a wild-fire spread of Corona in areas like Khayelitsha.

One of the biggest surprises of the day, though, occurred in the morning. Debs and I are not church-goers, despite my historical involvement in my younger days (that’s a blog all on its own), but we decided to sit down at 09h30 and watch an online service from one of our mates.

Clive Garton heads up the Grapevine Church in Kenridge and with Corona preventing anyone venturing out into the wild, Clive and his wife Claire decided to bring their church to the people with the help of something called the internet.

It was inspiration as Clive read from the book of Hebrews and spoke about the impact of Corona on today’s environment and how the people are the church and not the building. It really was nice to sit in one’s lounge, slippers on, coffee in hand and enjoy a spiritual moment.

And now…to prepare for Monday….oh boy.

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Author: Brendon

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