Atwell Lockdown Day 4

It might be a national lock down but oh hell it did not change the fact that it was a Monday.

With the news spewing out more information than one can handle about Corona around the world, news broke that the worldwide death toll had reached 35000 people….35 000 – let that roll off your tongue slowly, and painfully.

I’ve always maintained that mother nature has a way of trying to balance the scales when things are tipping to much away from her. Over the years the world has endured the Black Plague, MERS, SARS, Swine Flu, Aids and now Corona.

To me, the world has over-populated itself, squandered resources and become too greedy and now, mother nature is saying “hold on now”, like a dog biting at the fleas on its back.

Despite all that is going on, we, the Atwells, still confine ourselves to our little world between the brick walls and windows, trying to make it through a Monday like we always do.

The kids drove us to the border of insanity, gave us a visa, put us on the next bus and waved us goodbye. The wife and I had decided before lock down, that we would make Mondays and Thursday a ‘no-alcohol’ day – to make the rations last longer – well, nope, didn’t happen.

Opened the first 5L box and proceeded to fill two glasses really full to sit back, feet up and enjoy – so much for that idea!

But we enjoyed the ‘day-after’ curry, which is always better on the second day. Dessert? Nope, the chocolate cake Debbie made on Sunday was klaar! Gone!

We sat down to watch El-Presidente give his little COVID-update and despite some little unknown, pathetic piece of sh….sorry, language! Aarrghh. When I read this report it irritated the hell out of me.

Some NGO in Soweto tried to take the government to court, saying that the national lock down is unconstitutional and all that crap – for peet’s sake people – DO YOU WANT TO DIE?

Anyway, Cyril was and is being great through this period. Communicating with the nation, telling it like it is. Yes the army is being a bit heavy-handed at times, but hey – stay at home people and they won’t need to be heavy-handed!

Now, sitting here at 11pm, while watching Coming to America with Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall, I am catching up on the diary entries.

We won’t be doing any diary videos until Friday evening/Saturday morning as it is difficult putting in a full day’s work, sorting the kids out and trying to film some boring stuff around the house. So we will gather little clips through the week and put together a montage on Friday evening for day 4 to day 8.

Anyway peeps, stay sane and stay safe!

Author: Brendon

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  1. Keep the lovely thoughts and opinions flowing.
    Enjoy reading them.
    Have a safe week …
    Love you all .

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