Atwell Lockdown Day 5

Yes. The Masked Crusader

Today was good. The end!

No I’m kidding, not the end. I think the funniest moment of the day came when I began my daily catch up team meeting at 4pm today. I have decided that at the beginning of each meeting, I will wear some different type of mask.

Yesterday I made a plain white mask with a hat on. Yawn! Today I took it up a notch or two. I asked Debbie for one of her G-Strings, put it on my face and walaah!

I had the team in stitches. My boss, Vanessa, had to stop her discussion with one of my colleagues because of the laughter. That was the plan – and it worked. Considering the position we find ourselves in, not only in our country, but also the world, it is good to bring laughter to the people around you. Job done!

Anyway, it was a rather productive day – kind of like when I am in the office, with my colleagues hounding me for info and assistance. Some good meetings, getting through some studies and the kids didn’t kill each other.

We limited the tech involvement and it paid dividends. They got quite artsy and produced some nice works (see gallery below).

We enjoyed some post-work time on the front stoep – I mean steps – sipping on a glass of wine while throwing the ball for Izzy to fetch. Our neighbours across the road also ventured out onto their front lawn (and it is about 15m away so we all safe), which was nice to enjoy a shouted word other than at the kids.

Sarah and Emily were spoiled for supper with home made chips and a oven pizza while Debs gorged herself on a hotdog. I polished off the remainder of the chicken curry made on Sunday.

Then, the wife spoiled us all – ice-cream! With some caramel snowcap too boot!

We – and I mean me – enjoyed some nostalgia by watching Harrison Ford take on the evils of the Nazi army in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

The news that the world death toll was a few hundred short of 40 000 is a sobering effect with South Africa now at four confirmed dead.

Tomorrow is a full day with back-to-back meetings – I mean video conferences – as well as some additional training and studying stuck inbetween.

I am now really getting to understand the conversation between Pinky and the Brain –

“What are we going to do tomorrow?”
“The same thing we do everyday Pinky! Try to take over the world!”

Author: Brendon

1 thought on “Atwell Lockdown Day 5

  1. Brilliant.
    You got the right attitude and mindset.
    Most entertaining …
    Keep it up.

    I mean the good work … of course.

    Lovely job girls

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