Atwell Lockdown Day 6…uhm…Day 7

If I was instated as Father Time – I would be crap at it. Such has been the isolated activity within the household over the last two days.

Just finished work – well, there is stuff to do but I am done for the day – and now have poured a glass of wine and decided it was the perfect time to catch up with the Atwell Lockdown diary day 6….I mean day 7.

Yesterday was chaotic. I was involved in video meetings back-to-back from 8am until I packed up at just on five. I do not even know what the kids got up to or even if the wife was still alive.

We made burgers for supper with some scrambled salad, ice-cream for dessert and we ended up watching “Hook” on Netflix to end the day.

Today was slightly more sedate…well sort of…the kids got some school work done before attacking their cupboards, throwing out a whole lot of clothes (where did it all come from?).

It’s been a week of lockdown, I have not been out the house at all except to sit on the front steps, sip wine and play with the dog. I am – as Queen aptly put it – “Going slightly mad!”.

Even the members in my team at work intimated as much during our 4pm catch-up…madness is creeping in slowly. I just hope this palava does not get extended. If it does – we need an extended alcohol run to top up….it ain’t going to last!

My taste buds are starting to water now as I see Debbie has taking a full chicken out to make a roast chicken….that means roast potatoes and veggies….maybe even a Yorkshire pudding…but I dare not ask!

Sarah was so proud of her effort on sorting out her cupboard that she showed me how she has created a “reading corner” fitted with fairy lights and all. That child has an imagination on her of note – when she wants to use it.

Emily was complaining to Debbie that she had enough clothes in her cupboard and that “Mom must stop just handing off stuff to her because she has nowhere to put it”.

Looking forward to the weekend, trying to get some sort of normality in the mind as I need to cut the grass etc. Perhaps I will take a turn to head to the shop for the essentials like bread, milk, wood, blitz and some meat for a braai on Saturday evening.

The one thing I am (not) looking forward to on the weekend is when we kickoff the Diary Video’s again – Debbie took a video of me trying to do an exercise….well, embarrassing is too tame a word to use.

The last few posts have been less colourful because I have not even had the time to take some photos to add to these ramblings of mine.

But hopefully I can – wait, the wife and Sarah can also help – take some photos and videos during the day to compliment our own madness.

Remember folks, this is just the world’s way of cleaning herself – as harsh as that may sound, we have really stuffed up our planet and mother nature is taking back control.

See ya all tomorrow! Stay safe and Stay sane!

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