Atwell Lockdown Day 8

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It’s the weekend! A common phrase come Friday afternoon but normally people will be planning their weekend shopping trips, heading to the malls to get some clothes, or planning their Saturday evening get togethers.

But not at the moment. The phrase means absolutely nothing! Saturday and Sunday are just another two days couped up between four walls and a ratty family.

When the country went into lockdown last Thursday at midnight, the feeling on Friday morning was “Wow, who would have thought something like this would occur in my lifetime”, and “Hey this is weird, funky and cool!”

Oh boy were we wrong. By Tuesday we were feeling the heat, trying to keep the kids occupied and preventing murder within the confines of our walls. No, it wasn’t that bad but I feel many have that “I just wish it would end already” feeling.

The week was tough, and to think that there is still another two weeks of this hell-hole to go through – and that is if the government doesn’t decide to lengthen the home arrest environment.

I have decided that tomorrow it is my turn to brave the great outdoors and venture to the shops. We need to get some meds and other essentials for Saturday afternoon – just not sure if I should wear the mask I wore earlier in the week?

It will, however, be as normal a Saturday morning as possible, with me tackling the garden (well strands of dead grass anyway) while Debs tries to coax the kids into helping her around the house.

I am just thankful that neither myself, my family or anyone I know, has not been infected yet. It is a blessing having you health but I feel for those other buggers that are not as fortunate as we are.

Those that are without a home, forced to roam the streets with no protection while those in more dire circumstances, have to try and endure self-isolation in an environment that has dwellings just inches apart.

The government has decided to roll out mobile testing centres, and rumour has it that they will be coming around to the homes of people – yeah, good luck with that!

It was nice that Debbie and Emily got stuck in the kitchen and whipped up two lovely banana loafs – I cannot wait to sink my teeth into a slice or three with my morning coffee.

Whatever your weekend has in store, just remember that if you bury family members, there is still 14 days to get away with it!

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  1. Thanks.
    Enjoy your venture into the Great wide open.

    Oops Tom Petty number that.
    Enjoy weekend

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