BCCI is cricket’s New World Order

A New World Order – a term that conspiracy theorists around the world have been touting will come into existence, at some point. Or have stated that it is already afoot. So what is the big deal about a New World Order (NWO) anyway? Well, let’s look at what a NWO would entail for all of us.

Imagine having a few, self elected people controlling every aspect of your life. From where you can live and work, how much you can earn, where you can eat and whom you can love. Controlling every aspect your finances! With a world so dependant on electronic finances, imagine the position you would face if you were to get on the wrong side of someone who could ‘erase’ your entire life? Practically deleting you from existence, with no money and no chance at survival.

A scary thought, is it not? That is where world cricket finds itself at the moment. Why, you may ask? Who cares?

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) have, over the last 10 years or so, exerted their influence through their dominant fincial position within the cricketing fraternity. Cricket players will forego their own local franchises in favour of an Indian Premier League (IPL) contract. Money talks! We all know that. In a world of professional sport, players will ply their trade wherever they can generate the most for their own pockets. You cannot blame them. The life-span of any international sports person will be 10 to 15 years on average, so you can expect these players to feather their nest as much as possible.

People around the world have pointed fingers at the United States in needlessly going to war, on false pretences, to gain control of a commodity they so dearly thrive on – oil! One can almost point the same finger at the BCCI when it came to the voting for a player’s representative on the ICC Cricket Committee.

At the original vote, former Australian spinner, Tim May, was re-elected to the committee by the ten test captains, 9-1, over India’s representative, Laxman Sivaramakshrinan, who himself was a former international spinner. This was when the BCCI started to exert pressure on the cricketing boards around the world, asking them who their captains had voted for and that they should change their vote in favour of Laxman. Some boards, as was the case with Cricket South Africa, said that it was not in a position to influence Graeme Smith’s vote, and that it was a private and confidential vote.

Many other boards were ‘pressured’ into making their captains change their vote as the BCCI threatened them with huge financial losses from future Indian tours. At the vote recount, May and Laxman were level-pegged at 5-5. At another recount, Laxman was instilled as one of the player’s representatives on the ICC’s Cricket Committee, with a 6-4 victory.

One of the biggest objections that the BCCI have in world cricket is the use of the Decision Review System (DRS), where May had been pushing for the use of the system in every international series. The DRS is not used in any series involving India!

With the ‘election’ of Laxman onto the committee, we will surely start seeing the lobbying of the erradication of the DRS system completely, and we will shiver at what else the BCCI has up its’ sleeve!

The ICC have been called upon to investigate the ‘vote-rigging’ but have refused to do so up until now, taking the side of their biggest financial member. The cricket world united against South Africa during the Apartheid era, and against Zimbabwe. Why can the cricket world not stand up against the financial tyrrany of India? The ICC big-wigs stand to lose too much in term of financial contributions from the BCCI should they turn their back on them.

We often hear stories of ‘gun runners’ doing business with dictatorships around the world just to make a quick buck. This type of business is outlawed as their are millions of people who suffer at the hands of these dictators. The way the ICC are treating the BCCI at the moment can be compared to ‘gun-running’.

The world must stand up to bullies, even though money makes the world go round, good governance should take precedence!

Author: Brendon

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