Camping is the life

Hotels – you can keep ’em!

Give me a piece of ground under some trees, a lake or river and i am sorted. There is nothing like setting up a tent, getting the camp site sorted and then sitting back with a beer in hand and admire the surroundings that you are about to spend the next few days and nights in.

The best time of day is when the sun reaches its low point of the afternoon and you break open the bags of wood, stack them in the braai drum or concrete place and light that fire!

Sitting next to the river with the flames roaring is the most relaxing part of the day. When you are sitting in that camping chair in front of the fire with your wine glass in hand and watch the flames as the kids mull about the camp site looking for sticks to add their experience to the occasion.

The wife is normally pottering around under the gazebo, preparing the meat and salads with the kids going, “mooooom, can we please have some juice?”. The normal response by that time of the day is, “i’m coming! I’m only one person you know and besides, you can also get it yourself!”

Kids are demanding at the best of times and normally seem incapable of doing anything for themselves except when it comes to making a mess – but hey, kids will be kids and you love them all more.

Once the fire dies down and the coals are glaringly hot, you slap the meat on and that sizzle just makes your mouth water.

The after fire quietness with the kids in bed, giving you and your partner the chance to sit and communicate outside of the normal environment of home, without any distractions, gives great meaning to a relationship.

When you wake up in the early hours of the morning, with the freshness inside the tent, makes you feel alive. You step outside and with the early morning mist hanging about, you light the gas and put your camping kettle on for that first cup of coffee. Oh boy, what a feeling.

Sitting, sipping on your steaming hot mug of coffee, with the mist around, taking in your surroundings with the birds chirping, and the sound of the campsites stirring, is peace to the soul.

The worst part of camping – packing up, because you know that your peace is ending and you have to head back to the land of the living, with the chaos that comes with it.

Hotels, they are for boring, unadventurous people. You can keep them!

The life.
Sunset views
Mother nature.
Adventurous kids.
The kids playing 'proper' games.
Smell that fresh morning air.
Misty morning.
Misty morning
Early morning along the river.
Early morning walk.
Misty morning coffee.
Nature's window.
Wine time.
Nothing like having your family around the fire.
The beauty of nature.

Author: Brendon

3 thoughts on “Camping is the life

  1. Think we need to do the camping thing soon!! Close to nature, will beed to take my camera though! Nice piece mate!

  2. Brendan this make a me want to get my camping gear out the garage and start packing for an adventure. Must go camping together soon, you can show us the best spot around.

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