COVID Lockdown Mayhem

Where are the zombies? That was my first question when all this craziness started since my affection for the series “The Walking Dead” is so intense.

I imagined myself as Rick Grimes, walking around with a backpack on and carrying a .357 Magnum looking for zombies to blow their heads off.

But this situation is real-life, and not to be laughed at. When COVID-19 broke and people were starting to stress, yours truly kind of laughed it off as something foreign – until the reality hit home.

Now with the national lockdown just hours away, we sit at home having done the binge shopping and prepping for the end-of-the-world scenario.

The streets of Cape Town have been extremely quiet as the majority of people have started working from home but tomorrow will herald in an eerily quiet time with only essential personnel being permitted on the roads.

However, this time will really put strain on families as they are forced to spend the next 504 hours couped up in their homes. Kids will become bored, wives will try and force husbands to do things that otherwise would be put off and it is to this extent that family resolve, love and structure becomes all the more important.

The jokes abound about stocking up on cigarettes, Vape juice, toilet paper and alcohol, but the more important thing is to maintain a level on sanity in the home over the next 21 days.

Coming up with a structure during the waking hours is vital in maintain law and order as well as keeping the murder rate down. Parents will have to become inventive with their kids as technology cannot be the sole source of interest.

Board games, reading, cooking, cleaning and exercise will be paramount for everyone – not just the kids.

But I believe that this is also a time for people to have fun. I have decided to start an #AtwellLockdown diary over the next 21 days, including photos, videos and a blog.

I want to share what our family goes through on a daily basis while mom and dad try to work while keeping the kids in check.

Whether anyone reads or watches what we, as the nutter family, put out, doesn’t matter. This endeavour is for our kids, and hopefully grandkids, to one day look back and appreciate what people went through.

It will be nothing compared to what families experienced during the two great wars or the Black Plague or the like, but it is our experience and what we make of it makes the difference.

Author: Brendon

3 thoughts on “COVID Lockdown Mayhem

  1. I love this Brendan! For one, we are all in this together and secondly, what a lovely reminder of family and the lessons learned on how to overcome challenges that you’ll be leaving to your children and theirs.

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