Fathers – from sperm donors to heros!

According to the dictionary, the word ‘FATHER’ is described as: “A man in relation to his child or children.”

But being a father is so much more than just being a relation to his kids – is it not? A man can simply not call himself a father just because he donated some sperm to a woman and helped in the conception of a child!

The are millions of ‘men’ out there in the world that call themselves fathers but in truth, have just donated some male juice and then not bothered in taking on the responsibility of actually raising the child or contributing to its welfare.

However, there are many men out there who have not helped in the conception or are unable to – yet they are more manly than those described above because they are willing and eager to pick up the mantle and be there for the child. These guys are real men!

I have known a few guys who fit this description. They meet up with a lady, who already has a child, and they step up to the plate, take on the responsibility and go on to be a great DAD. It can be difficult for a child to have to come to know a strange male figure and eventually come to know them as dad, even though they know that they are not truly their biological father.

It is not always easy being a father. Trying to make decisions that you think or know are in the best interests of your child but they take it as an affront to warfare – and treat it as such. Boy does that break the heart but you know, in the end, they will come to see that those decisions were the right thing. Although it might take them a few days/weeks/months or even years to realise it.

Some dads work their lives away trying to provide the best for their kids but on the other hand, this sometimes has an adverse effect on children because their father is not always there for them when they need them.

Some dads are just lazy bums and even though they are present in their kids lives, they are not really there for them. Such a fine line to walk.

Take my brother for example, he left the country almost 17 years ago to seek out a better life financially after his divorce. He took the most difficult decision of his life in knowing that he would see his daughter less but he knew deep down that he was doing it for the right reasons.

He packed his bags, headed off to Europe in search of greener pastures so that he could provide financially for his child. Despite the distance between them, they have never been closer. He came out on holiday whenever he could – almost every 18 months – to spend time with his baby girl. Due to the favourable exchange rate, he was able to make sure that his daughter lacked for nothing when it came to education and well-being.

He put his daughter through college and gave her a beautiful wedding. When she was able to, he flew her and her fiance at the time, over to come and spend time with him.

Despite his lack of physical presence in his daughter’s life – he was ever-present! And because of that – he is my hero today.

What’s the point of today’s blurb? Nothing really. It is just to wish all the DADS out there a very happy Father’s Day this Sunday.

Whether you guys are the sperm donors or not, live it up today. Enjoy the coffee in bed, the gifts of socks, deodorant and home made cards. But just because it is Father’s Day, don’t forget to help the wife around the house – this is still a 24/7/365 requirement for a happy home!

Happy Father’s Day all!

Author: Brendon

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