Have we lost our Faith?

If 2020 has taught me anything is that we have to be grateful for what we have – not listing after what we don’t have.

This year has been tough on everyone – well except politicians – with many people losing their jobs due to Covid-19, others having their salaries cut, working hours reduced while some have been fortunate enough to get through the economic impact this “pandemic” has wrought on our planet.

As we trundle down to Christmas and the end of a tumultuous year, one thing has got me thinking. What is faith?

Now let me get this straight. I am not a religious person! I do not care much for churches and their “rules” but I have always had faith – in varying degrees – through my life.

When I was growing up, my mother, bless her soul, always forced us to go to Sunday school, but as I grew older I got more involved in our Anglican church, becoming head server, getting involved in both the local and regional councils, listening to old men talk crap most of the time.

It was at this point in my life where I had the idea to become an Angilican priest – yes, believe it or not, that us what I had intended. Then I moved to Cape Town and being involved in the Anglican church in Durbanville, certain things started to “open my eyes”.

The one thing I realised was not to follow blindly what people – humans – told you. Don’t just accept what is said and read out of a book that is purported to be the “Word of God”.

At this point you might be thinking that my rumblings are that of an Atheist but continue reading…..

I am going to state a categorical fact now, and whether I burn in Hell for this, only God can judge me, whenever that may happen. “I do not care for churches or religion!”

I don’t believe in Catholic, Anglican, Baptist, Methodist, Islam, Buddhism or Judaism (forgive me for forgetting anyone) – what I do believe in is FAITH!

To me, faith is believing in some higher power that ordained our existence, whatever that may be. I still have questions like, “Where did we come from?”, “Is evolution real?”, “Is the Big Bang Theory correct?” (and not the show, because that is, Penny and Bernadette are yummy), “Where did the higher power come from?”.

These are all legitimate questions and if any religious person tells you that you should not question your existence or your religion, then they are pushing you along the path of human rules and not FAITH. Well to me anyway.

I am not one for standing in a building of a particular religion, and praising something along a certain guidelines and if you do not do things a certain way then you are branded! This is why religion has so many sects because when one person does not like the way the group is doing things, they break off and form their own little sect – yet everyone prays to the same “God”. Really? Human nature much?

But this blog is not to rant about religion, but more a thought pattern of 2020 and my self belief. Have we lost FAITH?

I have often thought that my position in life was down to me not “believing” like other people did. Not attending church every Sunday, and saying “Halleluiah” every time someone said something religious.

But my position in life is down to the decisions I made – good or bad – and yes, the church bangers will say “it was the devil who made you choose unwisely” – but I say crap! It was me, and only me, who made those poor choices, and it is something I have had to live with and had to endure, but it was also my own self-determination that changed things around. – Yes I hear the church bangers again……

Not only did 2020 introduce Covid to us, but it also sent my mother-in-law into a vicious health spiral, which kick-started our decision to sell our house and move in and look after her, my father suffered a stroke and my mother endured another mental wobbly that prompted some new meds. (God they are going to hate me for saying these things but hey, why hide things?).

These events made me realise that I did not give enough attention to my own parents. That I did not value their current existence – despite what might have gone before – and that I need to give more, not necessarily financially, but emotionally.

I also need to give more to my own family. My kids spend too much time on technology, teenagers – what can you do – but I have to try. I have to have FAITH that I can be there for them. Be there for my wife. She has had to endure so much this year, that she deserves a Golden Globe, Bafta and Oscar for what she has done.

If 2020 has taught anyone anything, is that you have to have FAITH. Whether it be in a higher power or not, but in the people around you. Have faith in your ability – wherever that may come from. Have faith in your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, brother or sister.

Have faith in your parents, your children, to make the right decisions. Enjoy what you have and don’t envy what you don’t have.

There is one rule that I have tried to live by – Be a Good Person! We don’t always achieve that, but be good to your fellow man! That is what counts, not the amount of times you go to church or how many times you pray with your eyes closed and on your knees. Just make good choices.

God – whoever that may be to you – will judge you on what you are, not what you have done. Don’t help someone and post that all over Facebook to look for likes and comments. Do it out of the goodness of your heart.

Be faithful to your loved ones, your family and to your convictions and have FAITHin your abilities to do good.

But, with the world so consumed by social media, do humans seek gratification through social acceptance or do we still have the true FAITH in believing in GOOD?

Author: Brendon

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  1. I believe that we will be judged on what we did for others that in our daily struggle cannot do anything for us, doing the right things, acting in the right way.

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