Lockdown ludicrously politically motivated

President Cyral Ramaphosa

When lockdown began on Friday 27 March 2020, people were not that concerned. In fact, it was a feeling of “woohoo this is all a bit exciting!”, considering the fact that it was to only last for three weeks – ending on Thursday 16 April 2020.

Then the ANC government decided to extend the hard national lockdown till the end of April 2020 – people started panicking. “Where am I going to get my wine and beer? What about my smokes? My vape juice?”

It was not a sense of why is the government keeping us locked down – it was a sense of why is the government preventing me from buying stuff. The communication was not clear. And that is what has irked the people of South Africa.

South Africans do not mind being locked down, so to speak, but it is the madness behind the decisions which has our blood boiling.

During Level 4, you were not allowed to buy open toed shoes – because this would encourage the wearer to go to the beach – yea right!

Looking at some of the rules that were and are still in place makes no sense at all. Under Level 4, you could only “exercise” between 6am and 9am in the morning – so sending out the whole country in a 3-hour span prevented the spread? Good on you!

Then, the move to Level 3 allowed the opening of churches but you still cannot visit family. I do not understand the thinking of our supposedly learned ANC government officials.

So you are quite happy to let a bunch of 50-odd strangers gather in a confined space but yet a family of say 8 to 10 people are not allowed to get together – family who know where they have been etc. Nkosazama-Dlamini Zuma – what have you been smoking?

Nkosazama Dlamini Zuma
The Tobacco Queen

Oh wait – it’s those illegal cigarettes you have been earning millions off while the legal tobacco trade suffers!

Seeing pictures come out of the likes of Du Noon, Kayalitsha, Nyanga, Alexandria and Soweto looks like shoppers just before Christmas but yet a single surfer has four police officers waiting on the beach to arrest the poor fellow? Soft target?

To me, this whole fiasco is politically motivated. Motivated by greed and the need to crush to the current economy in the name of your ex-husband’s agenda of “Radical Economic Transformation”.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have stated just this – collapse the “white” economy!

Deputy President David Mabuza with EFF leader Julius Malema

I am NOT a racist – let me make that point bluntly! Before any desperadoes start jumping on the band wagon and point fingers at this middle-class white man spewing things against the majority of this country. That is far from the point!

Whenever a war is fought, there is a term often used and this is called “Collateral Damage”. Yes, and who in this whole endeavor is Collateral Damage? The poor man in the street – who just so happens to be the majority of the citizens who voted for the ANC.

The biggest problem when President Cyril Ramaphosa took over was that he did not purge the likes of Zuma, Ace Magashule and David Mabuza.

Ramaphosa had to “appease” the Jacob Zuma faction for fear of retaliation from within his own party.

Mrs Zuma became the most powerful person in the country when the Disaster Management Act was enforced! Magashule, who oversaw the Free State Premiership while the Estinia Dairy fiasco was ongoing has still not been brought to book.

Ace Magashule with former
president Jacob Zuma

Mabuza, who was a supporter of Zuma during the ANC presidential election of 2017, switched his allegiances at the last minute. Mabuza has been shrouded in controversy during his reign as Mpumalanga premier.

He was accused of corruption and tender fraud and also implicated in assassinations of political opponents during his tenure.

In 2010, R14-million was allegedly stolen from his home while the provincial crime unit only stated R1200 had been stolen yet Mabuza himself stated it was R4-million. What the hell was he doing with R4-million in his house in the first place – as a premier!

In typical African leadership style, Mabuza claimed it was a smear-campaign.

To me, this whole lockdown fiasco is nothing more than an attempt at creating an unstable economic environment so that the factional ANC cohorts can climb in and take businesses over – creating what they think is a radically transformed economy.

There is one thing that the factional ANC comrades are forgetting, and that the people they are so hell-bent on destroying, are extremely capable of rebuilding from the ashes!

Author: Brendon

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