Ode to a beautiful woman

Juggling things in life can be extremely difficult for some people, while others just fall by the wayside while others take it in their stride and make it look so easy.

My wife is one of those that takes everything upon her shoulders – with a smile – and gets things done.

Not only does she do her job diligently – and then some – but she also shoulders a lot of other duties for her colleagues and stands in when needed. She also does almost everything around the house too.

She deals with the kids’ school duties (although she does leaves the maths to me), taking care of the lunches, knowing all the kids schedules, dealing with extra mural activities etc.

She takes care of her mother too. Taking her to the doctor when needed, popping off to the shop as well, helping her mom get in and out of the shower.

My wife knows no ends! And then she has to deal with this grumpy old fart from time to time.

Debbie is one of those diamonds in the rough. No matter how difficult things may get, she puts on a smile and shoulders all the responsibility life can throw at her – and this makes her one in a million.

And not to mention that she looks like a very hot 30-year old! When I met her almost 28 years ago, she was this little bud just itching to bloom. Every year that passes, she blossoms and blooms. Damn am I lucky.

If anything had to happen to my dear wife and best friend, I think the kids would fail school (perhaps even forget to go), we would be wearing dirty clothes, eating off dirty dishes and people that really depend upon her would simply just shrivel up and fade away.

Debs, for everything that you do for your colleagues, your family, friends and me – I just want to say happy birthday my love and I hope that you have the most awesome day ever!

Author: Brendon

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